Create marketing profiles

How to update your company information for different marketing campaigns

Having multiple marketing profiles is useful when you want to

  • use different contact information for different marketing activities

  • create different profiles for specific team members

  • send marketing to various geographic areas using local contact info

Create a marketing profile

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right and select Marketing Settings.

  2. Click Add Profile.

  3. Enter a title for the profile.
    Note: This won't be visible to anyone who receives your marketing.

  4. Enter the first name, last name, and company name that will be visible in the marketing campaign.

  5. Select the timezone that will be used to send the marketing campaigns for this profile. This is important to set based on the timezone that your contacts are in.

  6. Enter a phone number.
    Note: This number will be used for direct mail. For ringless voicemails, Invelo uses the area code of this phone number to purchase a number with the same area code (because ringless voicemails cannot be sent from the number you provide). However, if the recipient tries to call back the number, it will automatically forward to this number that you provide.

  7. Enter an email address that will be used as the sender for direct mail marketing.

    Note: To send email marketing, you must connect to an email service provider. This will use your email account as the sender for your email marketing.

  8. Enter the address that will be listed as the return address for direct mail.

  9. Click Choose File to upload your company logo that will appear on all marketing materials using this marketing profile. The size must be 270x72 pixels.

  10. Click Save.