Invelo glossary

Learn all of the terms we use in Invelo

As a user of Invelo, you may come across some terms that you may not readily know, so we have created this article to help you with that!

: a list (based on the sales stage (prospects or leads)) created for marketing purposes. The minimum number of records for each list for a prospect campaign has to be 100. For leads campaigns, the audience can be less than 100.

Batch delay
: Time frame between batches in a marketing campaign. Each batch goes through a sequence simultaneously; i.e, when batch 1 goes through sequence 1, there is a batch delay (time frame you selected) and then batch 2 goes through sequence 1, etc.

: Groups of contacts that are added to a marketing campaign. For prospect marketing, a batch has to be a minimum of 100 contacts.

: Usually the owner of a property, but a record can have many contacts. Each contact has a source: Invelo, User Defined, or Skip Traced.

: Stage 3 of a property. An agreement has been made, or about to be made to purchase a property.

: Stage 2 of a property record. When you have had some sort of interaction with a contact about a property.

: Where records are organized by user defined criteria. Lists can be created in System Settings or during an import via List Builder, manual import, or file import. Lists should define the seller motivation.

List Builder:
Invelo tool used to search for and pull in property's all over the country based on user defined filter criteria.

Marketing delay
: The time frame between marketing campaigns. This prevents a record from entering another campaign prematurely or at the same time it may be in another campaign.

: This refers to the element/situation that would influence a prospect to want to sell their property.

: Stage 1 of a property record. A property you are interested in purchasing, but have had no communication with the individual or corporation that owns it.

: A record is based on a unique property address and includes data on the property’s details, characteristics, land info, estimated value, tax info, MLS details, last sale info, owner and any activity that occurs in Invelo like marketing, communications, notes, tasks, and more.

Removed Stage
: The location where property records are stored when you do not want to contact them/include them in any marketing. Cases for this includes: when a property is sold or when an owner wishes to not be contacted.

Ringless Voicemail (RVM)
: Ringless Voicemail (RVM) is a technology that allows the delivery of a voicemail message directly to a recipient's voicemail inbox without the phone ringing. Invelo offers RVM marketing actions for users.

: This refers to the different marketing touches/types (direct mail, ringless voicemail, etc.) that a record goes through in a campaign.

Skip Tracing
: Skip tracing is the process of locating an individual whose contact information is not readily available. In real estate, this process is typically used to find contact information of the property owner. 

A record’s stage can be - Prospect, Lead, Deal, or Removed. Records can be moved from one to the other in any direction (backward or forward), but a stage cannot be skipped.

: Created and assigned by users to organize records within Leads and Deals. Can be viewed in List or Card view. Some statuses cannot be deleted.

: Another user defined way to organize property records. These are assigned to contacts, not lists. However, lists can have contacts with different tags in them.

: Another name for marketing sequences.