Manage property contacts

How to add and update the contacts for a property

You can view and manage the contacts for any record by clicking the record from your Prospects, Leads, or Deals list and selecting the Contacts tab.

Add a contact

  1. Scroll down below any listed contacts and click Add Contact.

  2. Enter the contact's name and click Create New Contact.


Add or edit contact details

  1. Click Expand for any contact to view additional details.
  2. To add a mailing address, phone number, or email address, click the Add button under that section.


Set as primary

Setting primary contacts and contact details is very important because it will directly impact your marketing efforts. All marketing is sent to the primary contact for each record, and it is sent to the contact information that is set as the primary. Primary contacts and contact information are highlighted with a yellow star.

To change the primary contact or contact information, click the star icon for a different one.


Update the status of the contact information of a contact

To ensure that you have the most up to date information for your contacts, a user can select the relevant status for the respective contact information (mailing address, email address, phone number). This can be done after making contact with the user, or prior to making contact if the user knows the status of the information. This will ensure that marketing efforts are not sent to a specific contact's address, phone number or email address.

  1. Click Expand for any contact to view additional details.

  2. Find the contact information that you don't want to market to.

  3. Select the status that is relevant to the contact method. You can hover the cursor over each symbol to see what it represents.


Note: If you mark a primary phone number or address as Don't Call or Don't Mail, you'll have to select a new primary.