Understanding Invelo's Marketing Terms


Automatic funding:
Giving the system the permission to pull fund from your card on file in the event that you do not have enough in your wallet to fund your marketing batch or sequence once the marketing campaign is active.

Available Records: The records that can be used in your marketing campaign because they are not stuck in a marketing delay or another campaign.

Batch: A group of records a part of your marketing campaign.

Campaign Automations: Gives users the ability to have mailers sent out in batches; and create a single-use or continuous campaign.

Campaign Details: The section of the Confirmation stage where you will be able to review the details of your marketing campaign.

Confirmation: The stage after Sequences where you will be able to review your campaign details and submit your campaign.

Continuous campaign: A campaign that allows new records that match the audience filter to be added as their own batch to the campaign. Users can also opt for records that already went through the campaign to go through it again. This type of campaign can only be stopped if the users stops it manually.

Custom Sequence: Used y users to track marketing efforts performed outside of Invelo.

Delay Days: A user-defined number of days a record is held outside of any marketing campaign.

Design: The section of a marketing sequence where you can edit how you want the sequence/mailer to look.

Direct Mail: A type of marketing product we have at Invelo. These are postcards and letters.

Drafts: A section where marketing campaigns can be saved when the user is not ready to publish them.

Email Sequence: An email marketing sequence in Invelo.

Estimated Cost: The cost determined by the system for your marketing sequence/batch depending on the type of sequence you choose and the subscription plan that you are on.

Lead Marketing: Marketing type in Invelo when users just market to Leads.

Marketing Audience: The group of prospects or leads that you want to market to. These are created using filters.

Marketing Profile: The section where users enter information that is used on their marketing pieces in Invelo.

Personal Letters: A type of direct mail product in Invelo.

Postcards: A type of direct mail product in Invelo.

Presets: Marketing campaign templates for users.

Professional Letters: A type of direct mail product in Invelo.

Proof: Representation of what your marketing piece will look like.

Proof Approval: The section where users can confirm that they want to go ahead with the marketing piece.

Proof Preview: A look at the marketing piece before users approve it.

Prospect Marketing: Marketing type in Invelo when users just market to prospects.

Real Penned Letters: A type of direct mail product in Invelo.

Remove Duplicate Property Owners: A feature that allows users to remove the any additional properties a property owner may have in a marketing audience and only market to one property.

Ringless Voicemail (RVM): A type of marketing sequence where short voice messages are left on the recipients phone number.

Send Date: The date on which the marketing piece will be sent out.

Sequence: The section of a marketing campaign creation where you get to add your marketing products. These are Direct Mail, Email, Ringless Voicemail, and Custom.

Sequence Name: This is the name that you give to your sequence. This is user-defined and will only be seen by you on the backend.

Single Use Campaign: A campaign that is canceled after all the sequences are completed.

Street View Postcards: A type of postcard that contains a google street view of the property on it.

Submit Campaign: The final step to set a campaign as active.

Templates: Preset design and wording of a marketing piece that can be edited by a user.

Total Marketing Audience: The number of records in your marketing audience that will be included in your marketing campaign.

Total Estimated Cost: A full cost for the campaign determined by the type of marketing products you selected and the subscription plan you are on.

Total in-app estimate cost: The full cost of the marketing campaign based on the in-app pieces that are a part of the campaign.

Touchpoint: A touchpoint is any intersection a prospect, lead, customer or user has with a business. Touchpoints are usually: calls, voicemails, emails, text messages (SMS), direct mail, or in-person interactions.

Type (Marketing Type): Prospect or Lead Marketing.

Unavailable Records: Records that are not able to be used in your current marketing campaign because they are duplicates, in another campaign, or in a marketing delay.

Wallet: Section of Invelo where users can add a payment method and add funds to conduct in-app purchases.