How do I delete my Invelo account?

How to cancel your subscription/close your account manually in Invelo

Invelo users can either downgrade their paid plans or cancel their subscriptions and close their accounts from their Manage Plan page.

Downgrading your plan

To downgrade your plan, navigate to the Manage Plan page and click on 'Downgrade Plan' located below the lesser plan you want to move to.

You will then have to answer a survey as to why you want to downgrade, and then make the change.


Canceling your subscription/Closing your account

If you would like to cancel your subscription completely and close your account with Invelo, you can go to the Manage Plan page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "Cancel Subscription and close Account"

You would then answer a survey as to why you want to cancel the plan, and then follow through with the cancelation.


Please note that when you close your account, all your data will be deleted. This includes all your records, your card on file, and any marketing campaigns that you have running.