How successful will my RVM campaign be?

Will all of my RVMs get sent out?

With Invelo, users can send out an RVM to 150 numbers per hour between the hours of 10am and 5pm in the selected marketing profile's timezone. A user can send voicemails to mobile and landline phone numbers, as long as a non-PBX voicemail box is provided by the carrier.

As with all technology, our RVM does have some limitations, and not 100% of all the ringless voicemails that are sent out will be successful. On average, you can estimate delivery rates of 60 to 70%. For the failed attempts, you will be refunded after the campaign has completed processing.

Additionally, Please note that successfully sent messages may be filtered to spam by the carrier and this is outside of our control. We recommend sending to 100 or more people to see more accurate results.