Import List Builder results

How to add List Builder results to your Prospects database

Once you've pulled records via List Builder, you can import the results into your prospects database.

  1. Under the results section, click the drop-down arrow and enter the number, or Select all of the records you want to import from the results.

    import 2
  2. Click Import

  3. Add the records to a list:

    • For an existing list, select a list from the dropdown menu.

    • For a new list, type a name for the list and click Create New List. Then you'll select the list quality and click Create List.

  4. (Optional) Select a tag or enter a name for a new one and click Create New Tag.

    1. (Optional) Enable Auto Add to automatically import new properties to your Prospects database daily that meet your list criteria (Growth and Professional plans only - upgrade here). You'll receive an email each time new properties are imported, and you'll also see the additions in your Invelo history. However, if this option is disabled, you'll have to manually rerun the criteria to see new matching properties.

    If enabled, enter a name for the preset. Then select whether or not to share the preset with your team (Professional plans only - upgrade here).
    Note: You can enable Auto Add for pre-existing and newly created presets.


  5. Click Import Records.

Invelo will notify you once your records are fully uploaded.


Note: If your import contains records that already exist in your prospects database, Invelo will notify you and prevent the duplicate from importing. Invelo will update existing records in your database which will still be counted against your List Builder quota. 


You can make as many List Builder lists as you want in order to cover different criteria. Different plans have different monthly List Builder limits:

  • Starter Plan: 5,000 monthly limit, additional $0.02/record

  • Individual Plan: 20,000 monthly limit, additional  $0.01/record

  • Professional plan: 50,000 monthly limit, additional $0.01/record


    Free plan: No monthly List Builder quota included.

    - $0.08/record to pull records via List Builder

    - Can add new records from outside of Invelo via csv file upload or manual add

    - Up to 2,500 total records