I've uploaded my records to the wrong list, what do I do?

How do I move my records to a different list?

If you want to move your records from one list to another,

  1. Go to the record stage that you uploaded the records to (Prospects, Leads, Deals, or Removed).

  2. Click Filters.

  3. Click the Select a Filter box and select two filters:

    1. one for Records: Created. Select the date you imported the records and click Add Filter.

    2. one for Records: Lists. Select the list they're on and click Add Filter.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Remove the records from the current list and move them to the list you want.

  6. Select the checkbox for the records you want to move.

  7. Click Manage and select Lists.

  8. Select the list you want to add the records to and ensure that it is set to "Assign", then select the list that you want to move them from and ensure that is set to "Unassign" and click Save.