Set up click to call

How to use click to call in Invelo

Invelo's click to call feature allows users to make a phone call by clicking on a phone number. The phone call is placed through the user's web browser, which can be connected to a third-party VOIP system such as Aircall or RingCentral.

Note: The click to call feature does not track or record calls in Invelo. To track your inbound and outbound calls, utilize the Aircall integration.

Set up click to call

The process to set up click to call will vary depending on your device. However, ensure that you have installed your preferred VOIP system on your device


  • Select the FaceTime app.

  • On the top menu bar, select FaceTime and then select Preferences.

  • At the bottom of the Settings page, click the dropdown next to the Default for calls option and select your preferred calling app.


  • If this is the first time you are using click to call on your web browser, click a phone number in Invelo. A notification will display below your search bar to Pick an app.

  • Select your preferred calling app

Place a call

Click a phone number in Invelo and your browser will open your default calling app. If you are using Google Chrome, the following notification will display below your search bar. Click the name of the calling app (in the below example, it would be Aircall) and your phone call will start.