Track tasks, notes, and record history

How to add tasks and notes to a record and see activity history

When you click a record, you'll see a section for Activity, Notes, and Tasks. These tools help you track specific history, details, and action items in an organized space.



Activity shows a history of all updates and changes made to the record.


Notes can be added to the record to capture notes from conversations or to record details about the property that you want to remember or share with your team. To add a note, click Add Note.


Tasks are specific to-dos, including reminders to call a contact, resend paperwork, schedule a walkthrough, etc. (Paid plans only - upgrade here)

To create a task,

  1. Click Add Task.

  2. Enter a name for the task.

  3. (Optional) Add additional information, like a description, date and time to complete the task. If you are on the Professional Plan and have teammates in Invelo, you can also assign the task to other people. Note: If you add a date, you must also add a time.


Tip: You can access all your tasks from the top menu.