What are prospects?

Active vs removed prospects

Prospects are individuals or corporations who own a property that you're interested in purchasing and you have not had any communication with. Prospects can enter Invelo by importing records from the List Builder, or by uploading records from external spreadsheets or databases.

Invelo understands that not all prospects are created equally. It's one thing to have all your prospects located in Invelo, but it's another to truly understand which prospects are of higher quality than others. For instance, as you build out your prospects database, some prospects will inherently have a bigger need to sell than others. Using Invelo's advanced sorting and filtering functionality, you'll be able to have a better understanding of your prospects so that you can target them more effectively with your marketing.

Ultimately, the goal is to convert your prospects into leads using various marketing techniques. That’s why Invelo also lets you pair your prospects with specific marketing campaigns to tie your entire investment strategy together under one roof.

Active vs removed prospects

You can easily toggle between your active and removed prospects by clicking the Status dropdown menu.

  • Active prospects: Prospects that are still available as a potential opportunity.

  • Removed prospects: Prospects that you have manually removed from your records or those that have been automatically removed due to the property being sold or otherwise becoming unavailable.