Manage your lead and deal pipelines

How to use the card view for leads and deals

For your leads and deals, the standard List View is best used for filtering, searching, and reviewing your records. But to see your records in a workflow that highlights next steps, click the List dropdown and select Card View.


This view allows you to drag and drop records into different columns to visually see the progress being made on each lead or deal.


Each card shows the primary contact for a record with their primary contact information and motivation to sell (if selected on their record). You can click any card to open the record.

Edit or add columns

The Card view comes with preset columns.

You can edit these columns or add your own columns.

  1. Click the Customize icon.

  2. Make any desired changes.

    1. To add a new column, click Create New and enter a name for the column.

    2. To edit a column title, click the existing title to edit it.

    3. To reorder the columns, click and hold the three line menu and drag the column to a different location.


Important: If you move a lead into the Convert to Deal column, the lead will be updated in the Invelo platform from a lead to a deal.