View record details

Learn how to see and use property, contact, marketing data and more inside a property record

The property record view allows you to easily navigate property details, contacts, notes, marketing efforts and more associated with a specific record.




Property Details

Whether you import your records from List Builder or your own database, Invelo will try to identify the property and map it with its property details. If the property details are available, it will show the Building Details, Property Characteristics, Land Info, Estimated Value, Tax Info, MLS Details, and Last Sale Info. Property details are updated daily on the Growth and Professional plan, and monthly on the Starter plan. 


When inside a record, Contacts associated with the property record as well as their contact information will be front and center. You can expand and collapse a contact to view or hide additional contact information. Invelo will provide the type of contact (Individual, Corporate or Trust owned), the source (Invelo or User Defined) and the date it was created in your Invelo account. When hovering over contact information Invelo will provide additional information specific to the phone number, email or mailing address. 

If Invelo is able to identify, phone numbers will show Last Seen, Phone Carrier, Created Source and Last Updated. Emails will show Created Source and Last Updated. And Mailing Addresses will show Last Seen, Created Source and Last Updated. You'll also be able to change the status of contact information as shown below (the green check next to the phone number is indicating the number is correct).