Automate your prospect list

How to use automations to close more deals

Invelo provides several automations that help you close deals more efficiently and effectively. Depending on your plan, all or some of these automations will be included. Find out which automations your plan has by visiting the Automations section on the pricing page.

  • Import Matching: When importing records, Invelo provides over 75 data points about the property and owner.

  • Daily Property Refresh: Our database updates daily to ensure your records stay up-to-date.

  • Marketing Sync: Auto-add records to existing marketing campaigns. (Paid plans only—upgrade here.)

  • Smart Lists: The Auto Add automation ensures you never have to pull a list more than once through List Builder. Your lists will automatically pull new records that meet your criteria.

  • Vacancy and Sold Property Updates: When a property is sold, the records are automatically removed from your marketing. Your dashboard also shows records that have recently become vacant or sold.