Understanding Invelo's duplicate check

Understanding existing records during the import process in Invelo

Invelo creates and stores property records in your database by unique property address or the Assessor Parcel Number (APN). The database will only allow for one record per unique property identifier.


Duplicate check upon import

Whether you are importing through List Builder, file import, or manual import, Invelo will check the records to be imported against your current record database. This check includes combing through Prospects, Leads, Deals and Removed records.

  • If a record exists in your database, Invelo will not create a duplicate record.

  • List Builder and file import will check existing records automatically.

  • The History tab will show how many records were updated during List Builder and file imports, indicating existing records.

  • Manual import will show you the existing record.


Updating existing records and contacts

In addition to checking for duplicate records, you may also update existing record and contact information during the import process.

  • List Builder and file import will:

    • Update new lists and tags for existing records.

    • Change the Stage for existing records.

      • An existing record cannot move from Lead to Prospect, Deal to Lead, Deal to Prospect or out of the Removed Stage, even if mapped during import.

  • File import allows you to:

    • Update owner and contact information.

    • Override existing data for Custom Fields.


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