Manually import a property address

Learn how to add one property record into your database

You may need to occasionally add a single property record into your database. Invelo allows you to import one record at a time through Manual Add.


Add an individual record

  • Navigate to the Prospects, Leads, Deals or Removed stage.

  • Click Add Records in the top right corner and select Manual Add.

  • Enter the property address.

  • Add any lists and tags associated with this property record.

  • Click Add Record.

    • If it is a new record in your database, you'll be taken to the record details.

    • If it is an existing record, Invelo will identify the existing record and allow you view the record details. In this instance, click View Record.

Ensure the best match results during manual add

Invelo will add any property address to your database, whether we can or cannot validate the property information. This allows you to add a property record if it is not in our properties database.

But there are a few things you can do to ensure you are adding a valid property address, resulting in a record created with property details.

  • Double check the spelling is correct for Street Address, City, State and Zip.

  • If the address includes abbreviations, type the full word of the abbreviation.

    • Rd. -- Road

    • St. -- Street

    • Ave. -- Avenue

    • Blvd. -- Boulevard

    • Ln. -- Lane

    • Dr. -- Drive

  • Google the property address to confirm the spelling and format.

    • Correct: 1811 Boulevard of the Allies #200, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

    • Incorrect: 1811 Blvd of the Allies #200, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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