Import FAQs

Everything you need to know about importing with Invelo

How do add or import records into Invelo?

There are three methods to import records into your Invelo database:

How do I import a list of records?

You can import records on the Prospects, Leads, Deals or Removed page by clicking the Add Records button in the top right corner of the screen and selecting File Upload.

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How do I prepare my file for import?

Ensure your file is saved as a .CSV and meets the required criteria for file imports, including cleaning up the data in your file.

How do I map my file data on import?

You can map property address, contact name, contact information and custom fields into Invelo by following this guide.

How does Invelo update existing records on import?

Invelo will check your file against your database to identify any existing records. If there are existing records, Invelo will update new list and tag assignments as well as add or update contacts, contact information and custom fields. Invelo may also change the stage on import if a record is moving from Prospect to Lead, Prospect to Deal or Lead to Deal. Learn more here.

Does Invelo create duplicate records on import?

Invelo creates and stores property records in your database by unique property address or the Assessor Parcel Number (APN). The database will only allow for one record per unique property identifier, and not allow duplicate records.

How do I import one property address?

You can import one property address at at time by clicking Add Records in the top right corner on the Prospects, Leads, Deals or Removed pages. Then click Manual Add, input the property address, assign any lists and tags and click Add Record.

How do records change stage on import?

New property records will be assigned to the stage you select. Existing records will remain in the same stage unless moving from Prospect to Lead, Prospect to Deal or Lead to Deal.

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What information can I import into Invelo?

You can import Property Address, Stage, Stage Status, Lists, Tags, Contact Name, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, Phone Types, Phone Statuses, Email Addresses, Email Status, and Custom Fields into Invelo through file import and mapping.