Prepare your file for import

Organize and format your file for a successful import into Invelo

Preparing your file for import is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful transition of data. By correctly organizing and formatting your file beforehand, you can minimize errors, maintain data integrity, and optimize the functionality of your Invelo database.


Organize and format your data

  • Identify the import type as Properties Only or Properties & Owners.

    • Properties Only requires the property address for each record.

    • Properties & Owners requires the property address, owner name, and at least one form of owner contact information for each record.

  • Review and edit all headers.

    • Standardize header names to be easily recognized when mapping.

      • We recommend using the headers in our sample CSV file.

  • Delete columns that you are not going to use during mapping.

    • Invelo automatically reports current property details and characteristics, land info, estimated value, tax info, MLS details, and last sale info for all imported records. So you will not need to import this data.

    • You can always save your file under a different name to maintain your original file format and data.

  • Identify data for Custom Fields

    • Custom Fields allow you to add unique data to your records. Once created, this field will be added to all of your records.

    • Identifying this data before hand will allow for easy mapping upon import.

    • Custom fields are available on Paid plans only. Upgrade here.

  • Remove any formulas to avoid errors when saving as a .CSV

    • .CSV files will automatically remove formulas, color coding, and other formatting.

  • Save as .CSV file

File import restrictions

Invelo imports are restricted by size, record amount, and file type. If your file exceeds the size or record limit, you may need to separate the file into multiple files for import.

  • Maximum file size is 20MB

  • Maximum record count is 50K records

  • Only .CSV files are allowed

Invelo will allow you to move forward importing your file if it meets file requirements.

Save as .CSV file

Invelo only allows .CSV files to ensure the least amount of errors or failed records during the import process. If your file is in a different format, follow the steps below to save it as a .CSV file:

  • Open the file on your device and navigate to the top left side of the screen

  • Click File and Save As...

  • When using a Mac, under File Format, select Comma Separated Values (.csv)
    When using a PC under Save as type, select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

  • You may choose to rename your file, but it is not required to save as a .CSV

  • Click Save


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