Identify your marketing audience

Create a high quality prospect marketing audience in Invelo

Identifying a marketing audience will look a little different for every investor, as you should consider your investing strategy, buy box, and marketing budget. In this article, we'll identify a high quality prospect audience any investor can use as an effective marketing strategy.


This marketing audience will be affective if your database is well organized with lists based on single motivating factors and correct quality scores. Here's an example of a well organized database.


Learn how to build prospect lists here.

When your database is well organized, you're ready to create a high quality marketing audience.

  • Go to Properties and click the Filter button

  • Under Select a Filter add

    • Stage is any of Prospects

    • Quality is any of High

    • List Count is between 2 - 10 OR List Count is greater than 2

  • Click the Save icon next to Apply

**Be mindful the the operators chosen while building your marketing audience. The AND operator will limit your audience, while the OR operator will expand your audience.


  • Name your audience and click Save


Your saved audience will now be available as a marketing audience when you create a Prospect marketing campaign.