Mastering Invelo's CRM

Set up your CRM for success with lists, tags, custom fields and integrations.


To get the best out of Invelo, we recommend that you utilize the features as best as possible, especially when it comes to your CRM.

  • All users can create Lists, which we advise should be named based on the motivation that a seller would have to sell their property.

  • If you are on a paid plan, you will have the ability to create Tags, which give you further organization capabilities which can improve your strategy significantly.

  • For those fields that we do not save in Invelo or provide information for, but you may need them for your marketing strategy or for filtering, you can create a Custom Field, once you're on a paid plan.

  • Invelo allows users to connect other apps to the platform using Integrations. The integrations we currently have are for Email, Zapier, Aircall, and Sakari.


*This video is part of Invelo's Welcome Series for new customers. If you are new to Invelo, we encourage you to watch all of the Welcome Series videos to get started.